General Constraints and Specific Requirements

General Constraints
CLEP website is a responsive that runs on windows, tablets and smart phones and CLEP application that runs on android, iPhone and windows.
Assumptions and Dependencies
The user have sufficient knowledge about the computer and the application. The user know about the functionality of the website and application uses. Member’s access depends on the administrator. Contact system is the main dependency of communication between both members and admin.
Specific Requirements
The specific requirements are going to the client requirements, its desired interface, design and other things. Every phase is explained below: Designing:
The physical design will be done on the HTML, Bootstrap, JQuery and CSS. Its tags are going to be used. But logical design the data base SQL will be connected with website.
The implementation will be a similar to prototyping. We will go to the client after every change and would ask for its approval.
The implementation will be done after the testing phase passes a month without giving any bugs.
Pilot testing will be done. The software after being finish will be given to client for a week just like a prototyping the awesome version ASM.1. 3.External Interface Requirements
3.1 User Interfaces
• The website/application provide the user friendly interface for the user. The graphically interface is easily understand for the user.
• Once the program has been launched, user will have to run the software, home screen will pop out and according to the user need, he can join through registration process and data will automatically save it in the database.
• Graphical interface provides ease to the user of the system. User can have better understanding with GUI working system.
• C# .net, Bootstrap and CSS provides graphical interface to the user.
3.1.2 Hardware Interfaces
o HD
40GB or higher
o Processor Pentium IV or higher
2GB or higher
o Machine/PC/Mobile phone
o Host & Server
3.1.3 Software Interfaces
o Operating system
o Browser & Internet Connection
Any that is compatible with your operating system
o Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 any other
o XAMPP control panel
o Adobe Photoshop
o Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
o Microsoft SQL Server
3.1.4 Communications Interfaces
In order for the software to be functional, the PC running visual studio or Dreamweaver and must be connected to SQL server or Apache server.
3.2 Functional Requirements
CLEP website have many requirements. User needs to run the application/website.
3.2.1 Registration and Sponsorship Introduction

The functional requirement would involve the user name or registration no and other requirement required for donation and searching records. Inputs
• Fill the registration and sponsorship form Processing
• The processing will decide which access should be given to it. Outputs
• Output will displayed on the webpages.
• After the processing is show the successful message and bank account no. Error Handling
• If user miss any filed during registration process it will show the error.
3.2.2 Donation status Introduction
• Donation status for those members who donate for child labors. Inputs
• Donate for children’s through bank and easy paisa shop.
• Enter user name or registration no. Processing
• The processing search the specific record. Outputs
• After the processing is done it will show the donation status of specific person. Error Handling
• User may not exist.
3.2.3 Admin Panel Introduction
• An admin has the responsibility of ensuring that the administrative activities within an organization run efficiently, by providing structure to other team members throughout the organization. Inputs
• Enter Name
• Enter Password Processing
The processing will decide which access should be given to it. Outputs
• Add all types of records. Error Handling
• Username and password invalid.
3.2.4 Accountant Introduction
• A person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts. Inputs
• Enter Name
• Enter Password
• Add the donation record. Processing
The processing will decide which access should be given to it. Outputs
• Donation record added. Error Handling
• Username and password invalid.
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