General Description of CLEP website

Product Perspective:
We are a student of IT and we are working on front line in elimination of child labor and promotion of education in Pakistan using the field of IT. Through this website user can join us and can contribute against child labor.
Product Functions:
CLEP is a responsive web application and also the name of organization. This application and website is helpful for child labors.
User : user can join us easily through this website and get to take a membership and sponsorship after registration process. After registration member can donate for children’s through bank, manual process and easy paisa shop. After donation member can check their donation status and overall expenditures on this CLEP website.
DBMS Host: A database will be responsible for keeping a track of user registration. The database will decide who to give the access and who not. The database will keep track of status of members as well as accountants.
Accountant: A person will be responsible for adding the records collections of members.
Admin: An admin has the responsibility of ensuring that the administrative activities within an organization run efficiently, by providing structure to other team members throughout the organization. These activities can range from being responsible for the management of human resources, budgets and records, to undertaking the role of supervising other team members.
User Characteristics:
We have identified five potential classifications of user of our system:  Software Designers: These are the most obvious users. They will use the system as a means of laying out the design of an as yet unimplemented system.
Software Developer: These are the people that take the model generated by the designer and implement it in code. They may also use the system to identify the design of an existing system in order to maintain it.
Quality Engineers: These users are usually responsible for ensuring that a design is feasible and/or reliable. They will therefore also need to be looking at the output from our system.
System Administrator: Due to client/server/concurrent nature of the system, someone needs to be responsible for security and maintenance of the system. This is the system administrator role. The administrator of the system, project or model not need be a member of the any of other roles identified here.
Client: More often than not, software is designed for client. The client may wish to see the design as layed out by the system and be able to see what exactly they are buying.
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