Non-Functional Requirements

3.5 Non-Functional Requirements
3.5.1 Performance
• This website/application is not breakdown suddenly in any disaster like power failure
• The development of the website/application will be based on the object oriented model.
• The timeline of this software must be in our mind.
• The performance of the functions and every module must be well.
• At every step the output of the one phase is the input of the other phase and it will be reliable and accurate.
• The risk factor must be taken at initial step for better performance of the software.
• For individual function the performance will be well
3.5.2 Reliability
The performance of the website/application is better which increase the reliability of the software.
3.5.3 Availability
Availability for website/application easily for everyone.
3.5.4 Security
Some security risk from hackers.
There is no other security issue until use leak the admin panel information.
3.5.5 Maintainability
After launching the website/application if any error is occur then it easily fixed by the developers.
3.5.6 Portability
The website/application deploy on windows, android tablets and PC’s. 3.7 Design Constraints
Hardware, software and data communication elements must be sourced within budgetary constraints.
Software Requirements:
• Dot NET Framework
SQL server
Apache server
Hardware Requirements:
• Processor: Preferably 1.0 GHz or Greater.
• RAM : 2 GB or Greater.
3.8 Logical Database Requirements
The system must store all the user account information as well as the admin, accountant and donation records. All the data shall be stored in tables.
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